Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama? McCain? ???

Ok. You would have to be blind and deaf not to know that just about everybody is raving about who they think should become our next president. Still, with all this hype about it, i'm pretty much clueless about the whole political thingy. That can be blamed on my not giving a crap about anything remotely having to do with democracy up until this point. And at this point, frankly, i'm worried. In my opinion, ever since we had Bill Clinton in office, things have been going down the toilet. And fast! So, what happens if we get a piece of crap in office for 4 years or more? What happens then. I remember being small and necessities that you needed to live didn't cost a fortune to buy. It's shocking to me that i'm not even very old and I can plainly see these changes from then to now. Most people seem to be leaning either Obama or McCain. And i'm going to tell you flat out, I have no idea who's the bad guy and who's the good guy here. And what the heck happened to Hillary Clinton? I'm sure my question would be answered if only i'd watch some news. But seriously. Has she been officially voted out of the rat race or what? I was trying to take a truck load of quizzes on the internet trying to figure out whether im a democrat, a republican, or something im between. I'm sure some of you politics savvy people out there are probably laughing at my political ineptitude. I can even picture a more politically aware ME laughing at my politically unaware self. But, I guess the thing to draw out of this is that everything government has become so damn complicated. You know, when the constitution was written, it was made to ensure that the best man won out to become our leader. How is it that the government has bent and twisted our constitution so much that its become such a complicated issue? I hear one thing,like "whats-his-face supports this",(lets use health care for example) but then I hear whos-his-name say "whats-his-face doesn't give a care about the environment". Personally after hearing those things for a while, everybody starts looking worse to me. So you end up not really liking any of them. Then most of the time, when these candidates start promising things, those things never get done when they're actually elected president or even vice president. Call me crazy by with those things to look forward to, it doesnt really seem worth it to go through all the hub-bub of paying attention when election time starts rolling near. But STILL. When does it ever pay to let others make decisions for you? Or give up your right to open your mouth and say something when you actually need to? Never! So thats my conflict. I cant figure out who to vote for what or even what side of the debate I stand on. But I surely dont want to deal with the consequences if I do nothing and the wrong person is elected into office. So really, can anybody give me some info on this royal mess? What do you think defines a democrat or a republican? I am registered to vote but this election is my first opportunity to vote for a presidend. And I would like to have a well informed opinion on what exactly i'm gonna vote for when I take myself to a voting booth.

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