Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are human beings the downfall of existence?

You might call me crazy, but I happen to firmly believe that human beings are the reason for every single problem there is, ever was, and ever wil be. Yes, we were created by God to be beautiful and to do beautiful things. But, unfortunately, we really f**ked up somewhere pretty much in the beginning. When God created us, He gave us one simple task to do. Take care of the earth and the other creatures God created to put on it. And, what? We messed up royally. Biblically speaking, was it the devils fault tht Eve was tempted into disobeying God? Like the saying goes, "If he jumps off a bridge, would you do it too" ? If the devil tempted Eve, it doesn't necessarily mean that she was guaranteed to fall for it. The devil tempts people. We know this. Weren't Adam and Eve warned about him? You'd think they would watch out for a nuisance like that. In my own opinion, I say that Eve wasn't experienced enough to have the intuition to watch out for the devil. Just like a child who isn't wary enough to watch out for malicious strangers. The kid isn't willingly doing something stupid, he/she just doesn't know any better. So basically it wasnt really our fault that we disobeyed God, but nonetheless we messed up big time, probably setting the trend for centuries of us to follow for all time to come. Think about all the problems in the world. All the problems you can list. What are the roots of all those issues? People say that money is the root of all evil, but I disagree. Money wouldn't have a value to us if we didn't have a greed for everything we can get our hands on. Thats what money was made for. To put a monetary value on all things ownable because people are that worried about whether they are getting ripped off or not. So we create mony to put an exact value on everything so we can always equal everything out. And while we were busy collecting riches or trying to anyway, we got comfortable with all the luxuries we have. We live indoors all year round (except for recreational purposes or homeless people), we have electricity, water, indoor plumbing, heat, air conditioning, and even T.Vs and radios when we dont have anything else to do, along with everything else we could possibly want or need. All these things have become necessities to us, we have gotten so used to them. In the process of living our 'necessary' lives, we have begun to deteriorate the very Earth we were put here to protect! Global warming, deforestation, species of animals going extinct, they are all the product of human being's actions. You don't see animals going around doing a single thing to destroy the Earth. They feally don't do anything that they dont have to to survive. Pretty soon, i'm completely convinced of it, we won't have a planet to live on. In the mean time, we can live with our beaches becoming a part of the ocean, our land mass decreasing, our hurricanes we have caused, our inlands turning into dessert. Loss of oxygen due to deforestation, and a bazillion other things. Ultimately I believe we will become extinct by a combination of starvation and being attacked be scavengers.

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