Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama? McCain? ???

Ok. You would have to be blind and deaf not to know that just about everybody is raving about who they think should become our next president. Still, with all this hype about it, i'm pretty much clueless about the whole political thingy. That can be blamed on my not giving a crap about anything remotely having to do with democracy up until this point. And at this point, frankly, i'm worried. In my opinion, ever since we had Bill Clinton in office, things have been going down the toilet. And fast! So, what happens if we get a piece of crap in office for 4 years or more? What happens then. I remember being small and necessities that you needed to live didn't cost a fortune to buy. It's shocking to me that i'm not even very old and I can plainly see these changes from then to now. Most people seem to be leaning either Obama or McCain. And i'm going to tell you flat out, I have no idea who's the bad guy and who's the good guy here. And what the heck happened to Hillary Clinton? I'm sure my question would be answered if only i'd watch some news. But seriously. Has she been officially voted out of the rat race or what? I was trying to take a truck load of quizzes on the internet trying to figure out whether im a democrat, a republican, or something im between. I'm sure some of you politics savvy people out there are probably laughing at my political ineptitude. I can even picture a more politically aware ME laughing at my politically unaware self. But, I guess the thing to draw out of this is that everything government has become so damn complicated. You know, when the constitution was written, it was made to ensure that the best man won out to become our leader. How is it that the government has bent and twisted our constitution so much that its become such a complicated issue? I hear one thing,like "whats-his-face supports this",(lets use health care for example) but then I hear whos-his-name say "whats-his-face doesn't give a care about the environment". Personally after hearing those things for a while, everybody starts looking worse to me. So you end up not really liking any of them. Then most of the time, when these candidates start promising things, those things never get done when they're actually elected president or even vice president. Call me crazy by with those things to look forward to, it doesnt really seem worth it to go through all the hub-bub of paying attention when election time starts rolling near. But STILL. When does it ever pay to let others make decisions for you? Or give up your right to open your mouth and say something when you actually need to? Never! So thats my conflict. I cant figure out who to vote for what or even what side of the debate I stand on. But I surely dont want to deal with the consequences if I do nothing and the wrong person is elected into office. So really, can anybody give me some info on this royal mess? What do you think defines a democrat or a republican? I am registered to vote but this election is my first opportunity to vote for a presidend. And I would like to have a well informed opinion on what exactly i'm gonna vote for when I take myself to a voting booth.

My own poetry

As you may or may not know, I like to write poetry. I've been doing it since I was 14 (6 years), and I absolutely love it. The thing about good poetry is that it has to be fueled by sincere emotions. Not to blow my own horn and say that mine is good or anything, but it definitely was fueled by real emotions. I wont go into detail now on why, but long story short; my childhood was pretty much one big rough patch, as opposed to most people suffering those rough patches during key growth periods. A person can only handle so much until they find a way to vent. Either that or completely explode. Anyway, writing poetry became my vent. I guess because I have a natural inclination (not necessarily talent) for it. But when you do something that is so important to your emotional well-being for a good deal of time, you become proud of what you have created no matter whether others think you are spectacular or not. By the way, I think mine is good. So here are some of the poems I have written. Some are a little morbid, but I hope you enjoy them and please let me know what you think. I am always open to a little constructive criticism to improve myself. ( btw, I was never brought to the extremes that some of these poems sugest, in case you were wondering.)

A hole in my hand
a hole in my head.
I've shot myself
this is the end.
Lying crumpled on the floor.
My life it pools out on the floor.
Blood on the floor
blood on the wall
stained in the curtains
and in the hall.
Running far across the floor.
Dripping from my nose,
my mouth, my eyes, my ears,
and running down my throat.
Lying spread across the floor
with my eyes wide open.
My hair is matted to my head,
staring at the cieling.
Red lights flashing everywhere.
Sirens from the street.
Zipping me inside a bag,
taking me away.
Suffocating in a bag,
even though i'm dead.
Flashing red and black inside
my already rotting head.
EVER 6/27/06
Like a bird I will
fly far away from you.
Like smoke inthe wind
I will remain unseen to your eyes.
Like a leaf burried in the snow
be there dying away but you will
never know im there.
Like a raindrop in a puddle
I will make a difference
yet I will be nothing.
Like a blown out candle
I will always glimmer of what once was
or what never could have been.
Like an echo i'll leave my presence
but you will never hear the true me.
The only thing that promises everything
and nothing at all is the word ever.
IN THE DARK 9/14/05
I'll never reach the bottom
the bottom of my soul
secrets burried deep inside
i'll never find the core.
I'll never reach the bottom
the bottom of my hate
i'm soaked within it everyday
i'll never reach the end.
I'll never reach the bottom
the bottom of my will
I'll keep on going all the time
I'll never see the light.
If I could slow, if I could stop,
i'd bring it to an end.
If i could only find the light,
I'd not turn it on, but sit in the dark,
and ponder my life, and put a pillow
on ine side of my head,
so I couldnt hear the bullet exiting the other.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Everybody knows that racism can be a sticky situation. It is tough to talk about for some, yet easyer for others. Growing up in a town with pretty much equal proportions of both blacks and whites, I never have been racist and never will be. Racism between blacks and whites seems to be a huge issue. And how come you really dont hear about racism between other races? I may be wrong but i've never really heard of mexicans hating asians, or native americans hating japanese people. Does this have to do with the rumor I heard that research was done by a colored student at a university where they allegedly found out that it is built into white peoples genes to discriminate when they encounter a person of another race? I dont know if that is true but I personally find it a little bit hard to believe. I was pretty much a sheltered child s I really didnt experience much at all until late in my teens, and when I did have the opportunities to expand my social horizons, it was inevitable that I got to know alot of colored people. But the thing is, I never had any misgivings about blacks or whites. The other thing that I remember from what I read, is that the research done at the university was done by a colored guy who's personal opinion about his findings were that blacks seem to be superior to whites on almost every front. It was said that blacks are better physically built, have a better learning capacity, and a much better sex appeal than whites do. Not to knock on anybody's research but I find all this to be completely rediculous. I think that the whole racist thing isn't a condition at all. I believe that racism began when white pioneers decided to enslave Africans. It was an immoral and dumb thing to do. But when the colossal error was corected (not meaning compensated for), of course blacks had an anger issue about the whole ordeal. It's a completely natural and expected reaction. And whites thinking they were superior to another race? Well, if was socially acceptable to own a slave, how else would you feel towards them? Though we now know that slavery is and always was completely wrong. Thus the battle began. If you think about it, it really wasn;t all that long ago. Just like you can be mad at someone for a good while after they have wronged you, I think that racism in a nut shell is just that. A whole race of people still being mad with another who is either still smug about what went on or repentant for it. But then, arn't we all making a big bother over something that our ancestors did and not us ourselves? If we all know now that racism is wrong and is basically just another word for a very lange scale case of one race being mad at another, them why do people still make a big deal out of it? And for all of you who are touchy on the subject, and think that blacks were wronged beyond retribution and deserve to be compensated for their wronging, I do agree that they were wronged. It never should have happened. But honestly, what could be done about it now but for stopping the drama and accepting each other? Isnt that the only way to ensure that nothing like that would ever happen again, in any instance? In conclusion all I have to say is that racism is just alot of drama and even though something horendous did happen, the whole situation is for the most part all in our heads. Both black and white heads. If people didnt think of racism as being so taboo, and just agreed to stop the drama story, life would be alot easier for us all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are human beings the downfall of existence?

You might call me crazy, but I happen to firmly believe that human beings are the reason for every single problem there is, ever was, and ever wil be. Yes, we were created by God to be beautiful and to do beautiful things. But, unfortunately, we really f**ked up somewhere pretty much in the beginning. When God created us, He gave us one simple task to do. Take care of the earth and the other creatures God created to put on it. And, what? We messed up royally. Biblically speaking, was it the devils fault tht Eve was tempted into disobeying God? Like the saying goes, "If he jumps off a bridge, would you do it too" ? If the devil tempted Eve, it doesn't necessarily mean that she was guaranteed to fall for it. The devil tempts people. We know this. Weren't Adam and Eve warned about him? You'd think they would watch out for a nuisance like that. In my own opinion, I say that Eve wasn't experienced enough to have the intuition to watch out for the devil. Just like a child who isn't wary enough to watch out for malicious strangers. The kid isn't willingly doing something stupid, he/she just doesn't know any better. So basically it wasnt really our fault that we disobeyed God, but nonetheless we messed up big time, probably setting the trend for centuries of us to follow for all time to come. Think about all the problems in the world. All the problems you can list. What are the roots of all those issues? People say that money is the root of all evil, but I disagree. Money wouldn't have a value to us if we didn't have a greed for everything we can get our hands on. Thats what money was made for. To put a monetary value on all things ownable because people are that worried about whether they are getting ripped off or not. So we create mony to put an exact value on everything so we can always equal everything out. And while we were busy collecting riches or trying to anyway, we got comfortable with all the luxuries we have. We live indoors all year round (except for recreational purposes or homeless people), we have electricity, water, indoor plumbing, heat, air conditioning, and even T.Vs and radios when we dont have anything else to do, along with everything else we could possibly want or need. All these things have become necessities to us, we have gotten so used to them. In the process of living our 'necessary' lives, we have begun to deteriorate the very Earth we were put here to protect! Global warming, deforestation, species of animals going extinct, they are all the product of human being's actions. You don't see animals going around doing a single thing to destroy the Earth. They feally don't do anything that they dont have to to survive. Pretty soon, i'm completely convinced of it, we won't have a planet to live on. In the mean time, we can live with our beaches becoming a part of the ocean, our land mass decreasing, our hurricanes we have caused, our inlands turning into dessert. Loss of oxygen due to deforestation, and a bazillion other things. Ultimately I believe we will become extinct by a combination of starvation and being attacked be scavengers.